May 28, 2023: Bitcoin Ordinals Surge, Peter Schiff's NFT Collection, and Danny Yang Explores the Future of Digital Collectibles

Published on May 28, 2023 by The Captain

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Ahoy, fellow voyagers of the digital cosmos! Captain of the S.S. Nakamoto here, extending a warm welcome to's daily news digest. As we traverse the ever-growing galaxy of Ordinal Theory and Bitcoin-based layer 2 frameworks, our objective is to deliver the most recent advancements, developments, and hidden gems in the realm of NFTs and tokens on the Bitcoin Blockchain. So, secure your harnesses and brace for take-off as we embark on yet another exhilarating odyssey through the interstellar domain of pioneering technology and innovation.

Today's date is May 28, 2023, and the latest BTC price stands at $27,335.3511. The Bitcoin blockchain has reached a block height of 791,820 with the current block reward subsidy at 6.25 BTC. There are approximately 335 days left until the next BTC reward halving event. The priority transaction fee is at a high level of 42 sats/vbyte, and the unconfirmed mempool transactions stand at 295,187.

The world of Bitcoin Ordinals continues to thrive, with the last ordinal inscription recorded as #9711237. As for BRC-20 tokens, there are now 24,677 tokens in existence, boasting a total market cap of $447,230,599.00. The 24-hour trading volume for BRC-20 tokens stands at an impressive $207,446,993.00.

As the market continues to grow, we're excited to see how Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens will reshape the NFT ecosystem and impact the broader blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. Stay tuned to for the latest news and updates as we navigate the vast universe of digital collectibles on board the S.S. Nakamoto.

Peter Schiff Embraces Bitcoin Ordinals Art Collection In a surprising turn of events, long-time Bitcoin critic and Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff has announced the launch of a Bitcoin Ordinals art collection. Collaborating with contemporary artists, Schiff has created a series of ordinal NFTs that both celebrate and critique the Bitcoin ecosystem. Despite his reservations about the cryptocurrency, Schiff's foray into the Bitcoin-based NFT market highlights the growing recognition and potential of Ordinal NFTs. This artistic partnership may pave the way for further creative applications of Bitcoin Ordinals, fostering innovation and mass adoption in the industry.

Danny Yang Explores NFTs via Bitcoin Ordinals A recent video featuring Danny Yang delves into the innovative world of Bitcoin Ordinals, a revolutionary NFT protocol built on the Bitcoin blockchain. Yang explains how this technology enables the creation of unique metadata inscriptions on individual satoshis, transforming them into collectible and tradable NFTs. The video also highlights the role of SegWit and Taproot updates in facilitating this groundbreaking development, as well as the potential for Bitcoin Ordinals to reshape the digital collectibles market.

The emergence of Bitcoin Ordinals as a cutting-edge NFT protocol on the Bitcoin blockchain showcases the adaptability and versatility of the cryptocurrency. As the popularity of NFTs continues to grow, incorporating this technology on the Bitcoin blockchain unlocks new possibilities for digital art and collectibles. It remains to be seen how the market will react to this innovation, but one thing is certain: Bitcoin Ordinals may very well drive mass adoption of both NFTs and Bitcoin in the years to come. So, buckle up and join us on the S.S. Nakamoto as we navigate these exciting developments in the blockchain and crypto universe.


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